Pioneering technologies that enable remote care.

Anser is an innovation engine and holding company of two subsidiaries – Ōmcare LLC and PetChatz LLC.


According to a 2009 NEHI report, the cost of medication non-adherence market exceeds $105B to $290B annually in the United States. Medication non-adherence most often is the result of forgetfulness and difficulty managing the consumption of numerous medications. These characteristics are prevalent in the elder market (age 65 or older).
Ōmcare® is a Minnesota-based health technology company that aims to extend the reach of caregivers and improve medication adherence and outcomes through its Ōmcare Telemed System. Giving caregivers of all types – from physicians and pharmacists to home care providers or family members – the ability to see and speak to elderly or disabled dependents and confirm compliance with medication treatment plans from anywhere. The easy-to-use Ōmcare system is designed to facilitate remote monitoring and interaction via visual confirmation of a patient’s actions, which support telehealth and virtual care services, and give family members greater peace of mind.

For more information, visit the Ōmcare website.


According to a 2015 Harris Poll, of the 73 million U.S. households owning a pet, 95% consider their pet part of the family. “Pet parents” treat their pet like a child and spend accordingly. But parents worry when they are away from their pet. Is my pet safe? Is he content? Before PetChatz, there was no way for a pet parent to remotely connect and interact with their pet.
PetChatz® was successfully launched in August 2016 and is now a leading consumer brand recognized globally as the first and only digital daycare system for the home alone pet. With PetChatz, you can see, hear, speak to, provide a comforting SCENT and give your pet a TREAT using a smart phone or computer. PetChatz also has sound and motion detection that sends you alerts of events that occur in your absence.

PetChatz HD is also compatible with a new blue-tooth enabled accessory called PetChatz PawCall® that allows your pet to call YOU and play (treat rewarding) games in our absence.

And now, PetChatz streams DogTV – providing entertainment and interactivity during those long days home alone.

For more information, visit the PetChatz website.