Transformative IoT technologies.

Anser Innovation pioneers IoT technologies that enable remote care. Anser is an innovation engine and holding company of two subsidiaries – PetChatz LLC and Ōmcare LLC.

Today, Anser Innovation is pioneering connection in the pet marketplace

According to a 2015 Harris Poll, of the 73 million U.S. households owning a pet, 95% consider their pet part of the family. “Pet parents” treat their pet like a child and spend accordingly. But parents worry when they are away from their pet. Is my pet safe? Is he content? Before PetChatz, there was no way for a pet parent to remotely connect and interact with their pet.
PetChatz® was successfully launched in August 2016 and is now a leading consumer brand recognized globally as the first and only digital daycare system for the home alone pet. With PetChatz, you can see, hear, speak to, provide a comforting SCENT and give your pet a TREAT using a smart phone or computer. PetChatz also has sound and motion detection that sends you alerts of events that occur in your absence.

PetChatz HD is also compatible with a new blue-tooth enabled accessory called PetChatz PawCall® that allows your pet to call YOU and play (treat rewarding) games in our absence.

And now, PetChatz streams DogTV – providing entertainment and interactivity during those long days home alone.

For more information, visit the PetChatz website.

Tomorrow, Anser Innovation will change elder care practices

According to a 2009 NEHI report, the cost of medication non-adherence market exceeds $105B to $290B annually in the United States. Medication non-adherence most often is the result of forgetfulness and difficulty managing the consumption of numerous medications. These characteristics are prevalent in the elder market (age 65 or older).
Ōmcare™ is a Home eHealth Hub and Audiovisual Medication Management system that promises visual confirmation of ‘the right pill at the right time’ for true medication adherence. Ōmcare is in development and scheduled for commercialization in 2019. By using a smartphone or computer, a (professional or familial) caregiver can use this system to have an audiovisual interaction and dispense preloaded solid form medications to a dependent. Further, the caregiver can watch their dependent consume the medication and record adherence in the cloud-based data collection system. The caregiver and dependent benefit from remote monitoring, audiovisual interaction and confirmed medication adherence.

For more information, visit the Ōmcare website.

Beyond, exploring other markets

Anser Innovation will continue to develop new interactive IoT technologies to enable being there from anywhere.